A Novice Shaman

[Editor’s note: Feral Trek received the cryptic note that appears below from Jack Beanstalker, a sporadic Feral Trek staff writer. Jack is, well, an uncanny individual. (Note how he refers to himself in the third person). Apparently, after having read Castaneda’s Tales of Power, Jack decamped to the Sonora desert in search of peyote and a Yaqui shaman. Whether or not Jack actually believed that such an individual could be located remains a moot point best discussed over a few pints. My guess is that it was simply an excuse to go feral.]


Jack sat in the dirt at the old man’s feet.

“This flower, this tree, and this sparrow on the branch will die. Their bodies will rot and wither away. A man is born, lives, and dies and his flesh returns to the dirt that made it. But his thoughts and feelings and everything that has ever happened to him remains forever. Consciousness is eternal. 

“But where do his thoughts go,” asked Jack

Here, there, everywhere and nowhere. They are spread before men’s eyes and they do not see it,” said the old man.

“Do they go to the spirit world?”

“Some call it that, but there are animal spirits and plant spirits and spirits greater than men that live on other worlds. Some even walk amongst us and we do not see them.

How do you meet these spirits?


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