Due to unforeseen miracles and disasters, I was not able to make it to any point in the country to observe the “totality” of the eclipse, but I did rustle up some brand new friends (with the magic glasses) and took a peep atop an LA tenement. I didn’t know anyone well, but it was a fun crowd. One professorial type insisted on reminding us that in the Middle Ages people believed that an eclipse signaled the end of the world. A young art school chicca, quite stoned, provided a synopsis of Bunuel’s An Andalusian Dog… “See the juxtaposition of a cloud passing before the moon and a razor slicing a woman’s eyeball comments on the profane use of vision…” She rambled forthwith, somehow connecting it to the eclipse. Her boyfriend, also quite stoned as well as inebriated, was far more entertaining. “I can’t see the eclipse! I can’t see the eclipse! All I see are ellipses…” Unfortunately his wit was lost on most of the posse. I did manage to borrow a pin-hole contraption and get a picture of the omen.

3 thoughts on “Eclipse”

  1. I read this and thought how long ago it was I watched that video in your class…I didn’t see the eclipse because I was in MA and it was too hot to do anything outside.

  2. The first total solar eclipse whose path of totality stays completely, and exclusively, in America since 1776… symbolic in the alchemical process, the black sun is blackening, putrefaction, breaking down bonds… an omen of the Great Experiment finally coming to an end?

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