Iberia Day 1

This is the first part of a series of blogs for travel to Spain and Portugal

Yesterday was a long day as we made our way from California to Spain. A long flight to Amsterdam for 10 hours, then a commuter to Barcelona.

My husband Mack and I have our own diversions, he uses “Podcasts” assiduously to keep up with events, while I buried myself in the legends of Spain and Portugal.

We were met with our contact at the airport, an enthusiastic lady and thanks to Mack we were able to talk about the area and arrive safely at the Hotel Novotel. Since I was last in Spain, the preponderance of languages, especially English, has grown making communication easy. Despite the talks of the Brits leaving Europe, the latter seems to have made commerce and travel fluid in this part of the world.

Time to take a walk in the neighborhood and absorb some culture.

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