Literalism for Literal Minds

Ok, Ok – some wags have offed that you have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool VS (Village Simpleton), but this one had VS flummoxed.  VS tends to be very literal due to his “shortcomings,” i.e. he is a true simpleton, albeit not in the completely stupid concept but more in the Vacantness that takes place in his alleged mind. 

VS first surmised (AKA cogitated, ciphered) – are they denigrating the American Indians again?  THEN, the next synapse hit, and VS was momentarily a-feared in that could there actually might be little Mars creatures trundling about?  So, after waiting like for a LONG TIME – VS did not observe red or green or such men.  Eventually VS became bored, dis-interested, disillusioned, bereft, alienated, ETC. ETC. and partook to flee da’scene.  Thanks, consequently, therefore, and why not?

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