Feral trek is an upstart startup, a travel blog masquerading as gonzo journalism. Think of us as an incorrigible child playing with matches or poking his finger in every pie. We want to try everything once- just to see what happens. Our interests: mountain trails and caves, abandoned beaches, whirlpools, cacti blossoms, Redwood forests,  desert canyons, movies and moon bathing, curiosity shops, high end restaurants and dive pubs, ethnic food and family recipes,  outsider art, comics, and tattoos, underground manifestos and conspiracy theory, occult symbolism, Old Town coffee shops and billiard halls, Camp, kitsch and the bizarre, etymology and Twilight language, and all those roadside attractions along the highways of old weird America, like “Casper’s Alligator Farm” and the “Zombie Zula Palace” that you wanted to stop at on family vacations, but didn’t because Dad had to “make time.” Feral Trek is here to provide a forum for those who find domesticity not all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes you just have to go feral.